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Nielsen: Ten Trends in China's Consumer Market in 2019


Recently, Nielsen released 10 major trends in China's consumer market in 2019. He took stock of the new trends of "people", "goods" and "market" in 2018. Under these trends, how to win in 2019?

These 10 trends are:

1. In the era of universal consumption, the world is well worth it.

2. Rational consumption is in the right place and only the right one is not the most expensive one.

3. Interest and acquaintance reconstruct social connection;

4. What we buy is products, and what we experience is stability.

5. There are more pigments, we are different.

6. Product innovation is a small step and a fast iteration of life cycle.

7. Miniaturization and upgrading intensified, and store turnover accelerated.

8. Integrating the format to promote upgrading and meet the new needs of consumers;

9. Millions of couples and wives'stores embrace digital transformation.

10. Data becomes the core of reconfiguration and connection of freight yard


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